Getting Past the Pen: Edition 1

Welcome to our first edition of Getting Past the Pen! Our concept for this monthly message is simple: To share fantastic marketing ideas to boost your business. 
When it comes to creative ways to market your services, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. In Getting Past the Pen, we’ll:
  • Showcase cool ideas for giveaways or swag that will continue to make an impression long after a meeting ends or a trade show closes;
  • Share vignettes of ideas and how to grow them; and
  • Spotlight intriguing ideas and solutions made by some of our other clients that may work for you.
Prescription Pads

A client of ours in North Carolina wanted a creative way to provide their referral sources with contact details for potential clients. Let’s face it; traditional business cards can easily be lost or misplaced and rarely pack a messaging punch. Our client chose to go with custom printed note pads.

The pads are very similar to the prescription pads used by doctors and offer a number of benefits, including:
  • A convenient 4x3 size, so they are easy to store in bulk, mail in bulk and fit on desks (they won’t be lost or misplaced like traditional business cards);
  • Cheaper to produce than heavier rack cards;
  • Flexibility to come in 50-100 sheets per stack – or just about any number you need; and
  • Easy tear-off sheets that are gummed at the top.
Interested?  Have an idea?  Give us a call!